7 Things You Should Know About Bisexual Women

Now it is well known that Internet dating has become very popular and frequently, but choose a sincere, suitable for your friend is one of the more difficult things, it is hard enough, because you and a person has not gay dating is so it's hard to imagine, there are still a lot of people especially now bisexual there are some misunderstandings.And today we're going to talk about what you should do if you're dating bisexual women.Because you may not have experienced a bisexual life experienced by her, and she doesn't know your life, as a representative of the two different groups, you don't know whether she like you seriously, if really attracted by you.At the same time dating bisexual women or you want to ask her any questions, I think you have a need to know some common sense about lesbians, avoid you do something to her embarrassment, sad.
1.Are you "experimenting"?
Whatever your sexual orientation, you may be the one in her eyes.Because bisexual people are both romantic and attractive to both men and women.Maybe in your eyes, you think you're the object of her experiment, and since both she and the woman like it, is she just trying to do an experiment on you?My answer is: don't try to change her sexual orientation.

2.Does she prefer men or women?
Please don't ask this very stupid question, bisexual sexual orientation in different stage performance level may be different, you can't ask her for a certain gender lifetime, it is not possible.When her sexual orientation at this stage is caused by multiple causes, it may be because of you, so she now likes women.A person can't be completely gay or straight, and when she's between the two, she's a bisexual.Many bisexual people have lost patience with this problem, at least once in their lives.She can't choose whether she is a man or a woman, because she likes both.

3.Because she's bisexual, so she has a lot of options?
Many people often say that bisexuals are twice as likely to be gay as straight or gay, because both men and women can be their date.This is also a wrong argument, why am I wrong?Because she can only choose one person at the same time, unless she is a threesome, she can only choose one who is attractive to her.The only difference is that it's just the gender of the person we're not sure.Gender uncertainty doesn't mean she can have both a man and a woman at the same time.
4.Her date with a woman is a lesbian.
Just because she's dating a man or a woman and judging her sexual orientation is your personal, one-sided guess, there's no basis for it.Although sexual orientation can be continuous and fluid, the level of performance at one stage does not mean that she is a heterosexual or homosexual.Of course sexual attraction, behavior and identity may also be inconsistent because sexual attraction or behavior most of the time is inconsistent with identity.When you see someone dating, it doesn't mean you can label her bisexual.Do what you love and treat her with respect and understanding.
5.Can she give you a promise?
Of course, in every relationship, she is earnest and sincere to others.She is not trying to get someone's attention, but to do something against her conscience, because most women don't do these hypocritical things in order to attract more men.Of course, every bisexual women is different, and there are those who don't rule out, and we all know that it is true that there are good and bad people in the world.
Being bisexual doesn't suddenly make her feel like cheating.She likes men or women not to let her attract all the people she's been in contact with.
6.Do bisexual women always attract men and women who like to behave in a threesome dating?
It's not just how sexy or open she is, but the fact that she's attracted to these people, and if she doesn't have it, stop immediately.Please don't blindly be infatuated with bisexual, not all bisexual people like threesome, and they have their own standards for their partners.
7.Do you think she's bisexual?
The case is, when you are dating bisexual women, you don't know she is a bisexual girl, because she may not know she was bisexual, from her behavior so you can't judge her true identity, this time, please do not directly asked her sexuality, perhaps she is undergoing a transformation, and haven't made some specific behavior.You don't want to tell her, "you don't look bisexual."Do you like the feeling of being with her?If you like her, then what kind of sexual orientation she is is irrelevant to you.What's the behavior of a bisexual girl?We all have to go through a stage from confusion to determine, bi is not mysterious creatures, please don't have too many negative emotions to them, we have to respect everyone, because they have their own existence value, and we are not suddenly grow from bisexual in bisexual dating.